How long does it take to do a complete detail?

Depending on the vehicle and the amount of attention needed, we can complete a detail in one full business day. We would have to receive the vehicle by 8am.


Are there any additional charges if an interior is more involved than normal?

Sometimes vehicles can be extensively dirty; that’s life. Pet hair, chemical spills and stains, smoke smell etc can all be removed or repaired. If an added charge is needed, we will notify you before we begin the detail. This can range from $30-75 in additional charges.


Do you detail objects other than cars, trucks and vans?

 We can detail everything from boats, trailers, RVs, campers, Large trucks (Semi-Trucks) , jet skis etc. Please contact us for more information and details.


How long can I expect the exterior detail to hold up?

The products we use are top shelf, and will offer the longest protection available. Factors such as weather, vehicle use and over all condition of the vehicle to begin with, play a role in how long the finish holds up. We do recommend to wash your vehicle often. We also offer a paint sealant that will extend your finish even longer.


Do you have loaner vehicles available?

Do you need a way of getting around while we do your detail? Loaner cars are avail for the low price of $29 per day. We package it into your detail price, and you pay one bill. That’s all!


I have to turn my car in on lease, what can you do for it?

Leasing a vehicle has comeback strong in the last few years. Unfortunately, everyone is afraid of the dreaded turn in day. You fear that the dealer is doing to charge you for wear and tear items, small knicks and scratches, etc.  Investing a small amount of money into our detailing and small damage repair, can save you big dollars at turn in time.