Winterizing your Motorcycle

They keep calling for it & some report having seen it, there's no way to deny it's coming...SNOW! Prepping your bike now will ensure you're out riding when nice spring weather hits instead of waiting in line for service.

  1. Location-do you know where you are planning on storing your bike this season? Try and avoid storing near a window & avoid paint/sticker fading. Cover your bike with a specially designed bike cover not a sheet or a tarp, because a sheet absorbs moisture and holds against metal surfaces and then rust forms.
  2. Change the oil-Just like cars a colder winter grade oil will allow your bike to start easier in colder temps. If your motorcycle runs ok with a cold winter grade oil (5w30) then changing the oil to this grade will help startup and running in spring. While you're at it maybe think about changing the filter too. We can do both of these for you just give us a call to set up a time to bring it in!
  3. Drain Carbs & Add Fuel Stabilizer-You only need to drain the carbs if your motorcycle will be stored more than 4 months. Otherwise just add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, run the bike for 10 minutes so it mixes and gets into the carbs.
  4. Lube the Cylinders-You only need to do this if your motorcycle will be stored a very long time (6 months or more.)
  5. Battery Storage-The battery must be removed from the motorcycle when it is in storage. Motorcycles often have a small current drain even when the ignition is switched off (dark current), and a discharged battery will  no longer be able to sustain a charge.
  6. Surface Preparation-applying wax is a very important part of storing a motorcycle. Wax acts as a barrier against rust and moisture.
  7. Exhaust & Mufflers-Exhausts/Mufflers are known to rust fast when they are not used. So making sure they are properly stored for the winter on your bike will save them from an early rusty death.
  8. Tires-Check both front and rear tires with your air pressure gauge. Make sure each tire is properly inflated to the maximum recommend pressure.
  9. Service fluids-if brake or clutch fluids haven't been changed in the last two years or 11,000 miles, do it now. The fluids used In these system absorb moisture. Be sure to use the correct fluids and note the warnings and instructions in the service manual. If you don't have the experience to service these systems, give us a call 330-334-0931, we will be happy to assist you.
  10. Cover it & wait paitently.

We still may have a few good riding days left, though they are numered. So if you want to make the most out of the remaining riding days we have left that's no problem, let us take care of getting your bike serviced for winter so you are ready in the spring!