Titanium Valve Dilemma?

Is your high performance 4 stroke titanium valve head costing you a lot to repair/maintain? Titanium is a very exotic material that requires strict maintenance to make it work/perform well, and in addition are very sensitive to dust flowing through intake port damaging the coating & rendering them useless,while stainless steel valves do not have this disadvantage.Titanium valves need replaced at regular intervals resulting in many expensive rebuilds,steel valves with nitride stems offer increased durability & easily extends the lifespan 3 times that of OEM titanium valves. Due to extra weight the springs must also be upgraded to stronger chrome vanadium ones. Here at Nagys PowerSports we can get stainless valve conversions for most popular performance 4 stroke ATV & Motorcycle engines at a portion of the cost of replacing the titanium valves alone! We offer head repairs services & modifications to increase power & reliability of your machine! Nagy's PowerSports, We Make it Run so You can Have Fun!