Protecting your Vehicle with Ceramic Coatings

  • Ceramic Coatings now offered at ProTouch Automotive Detailing

Do you know the difference between a Ceramic Coating vs a Traditional Wax?

Over time wax breaks down & requires more coatings (around every 3 months.) Ceramic coatings produce an extreme protective barrier for 1-3 years (depending on product) on paint, glass, wheels and trim. Ceramic coatings create an intense high gloss shine that can fill minor scratches and swirls. The two ceramic coatings we are now offering are Bullet Proof and Mega Trend. Our detailing center in Wooster Ohio now offers two different ceramic coating options for you to choose from.


Bullet Proof

Older vehicles, an exterior detail is required (starts at $99)
Protects vehicle up to 2 yeears
Intense gloss & shine
Extreme slickness which produces a self-cleaning propery to repel duest, dirt & mud
Protects from UV Rays
Resists stains from bird droppings & water spots
Contains glass nano particles which create an incredible reflextive & har surface film
Paint Protectant-No swirl marks

Mega Trend

Older vehicles, an exterior detail is required (starts at $99)
Protects up to 3 years
Exception oil & water repellent
Protects from UV rays
Diamond class carbon technology
Weather resistant
Minimizes fine scratches
Great for Black vehicles
Scratch resistant


ProTouch does offer a Traditional Paint Sealant (starting at $99.) For more information on Ceramic Coatings at ProTouch Automotive Detailing give Manager Mark Mays a call at 330-988-1500 or stop by the shop at 4653 Cleveland Road in Wooster.